‘Tis the Season: 5 Ways to Give Back to the Book World

credit: Paper Cat

Happy Hanukkah, and happy Thanksgiving to our US friends.

For many of us, this weekend means  celebrations with friends and family, marking the beginning of the holiday season. The hustle and bustle of winter is upon us.

The to-do lists are piling up.  There are turkeys to cook, presents to buy, friends to see, cards to sign, holiday parties, decorating, gift-wrapping, snow shovelling… and you really can’t skip out on your favourite seasonal movies marathon (Home Alone, anyone?).

There is a lot to do this time of year, no matter what you’re celebrating… how on earth are you to make time for a little literature appreciation, you may ask?  Fear not, fellow bookworm.  Here are 5 easy and inexpensive ways to give a little nod to your favourite readers and  writers:

1.  Shop indie.

While online book buying has its allure (pyjamas sans showering!), a visit to a few of your local bookstores is a little more special.  Whether it’s a friendly conversation with the shop owner, a treasure in the bookshelves, or that latte you were able to treat yourself to, you’ve made your day a little brighter than it would have been otherwise.  Plus, you’ve supported local business.  Good job!

2.  Share some Twitter love.

Give a little shout out to your favourite authors this season.  Mention them with your appreciation, link to their website, or let your followers know where they can find their books!  Isn’t it great when people say nice things on Twitter?  Total cost is two minutes and one hundred and forty characters (or less).

3.  Participate in a book drive.

If you’re overstocked on kid’s books, classics, cookbooks or contemporaries, you’re in luck: you can donate them to a community in need!  Whether your books are destined for your local library, high school or across the world, all you have to do is ensure that the condition and content meets  the needs of the drive.  Easy as pie.

4.  Host a book swap.

Some of us may leap at this idea with excitement: it’s another opportunity to get together with friends and food!  Yes!  Alas, some of us really don’t need to add another social event to an already packed calendar.  If you fall  into the second group but are loving this idea, why not combine it with an already planned party?  Instead of a Secret Santa, ask your guests to a bring a book, or box of books for fellow party goers to trade or lend to each other.  This is a great option if some of your books look a little too loved to donate.

5.  Start a tradition.  

Make a little time to share the love of reading with someone else, amidst the craziness of the season.  If you have little humans that call you things like mom, or dad, why not choose a favourite story to read every year?  That story, not matter how silly it seems with hold memories of every Christmas, Hanukkah, December 10th, etc.

No little ones adding to your Christmas to-dos?  That works too!  Curl up with your favourite book, yuletide beverage and read to your heart’s content!  How is this giving back you ask?  It’s keeping the reading spirit alive and well.  Excellent job.

How do you celebrate reading over the holidays?  Let us know by tweeting us @sumbolacosi, #booklove.

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