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Wiki Matter: Clues, Context and Reader Empathy

Why Connect to Wiki  Matter?

While nonfiction or scholarly writers may want to steer clear of using wiki sources, fictional writers have fantastic incentives to link to Wiki matter:

  • Leave clues for your readers with wiki material.  Add to the suspense and level of intrigue by offering wiki matter for your readers to investigate.  Asking them to pay particular attention to a notable object or political controversy will have them curious as to how it will effect the story.
  • Offer context and insight.  Including historical background through wiki matter will educate the reader on essentials to the plot or character.  Rather than solely deciphering how the protagonist feels, readers are presented with an additional opportunity to consider how they would feel as well.
  • Enhance reader empathy for the characters.  If one of your characters is relating their personal experience surviving a real global disaster, offering your readers a second, outside viewpoint will increase their understanding of the situation, and its effect on that particular character.


Consider adding wiki matter to enhance plot, theme, or character defining moments in your novel, such as:

  • Historically or culturally significant locations that relate to the setting of your story.
  • Famous (or infamous) politicians, activists or entertainment figures who have had a profound effect on your main character.
  • Laws or regulations that play a role in defining your plot, or plot twists.
  • Plants, animals or objects that are vital to the storyline.

Helpful Hints

  • Check the wiki page before you connect it to your book on Sumbola.  Ensure that the page portrays the information you want to share accurately.
  • Link components of your book to wiki matter selectively.  Choose significant items that not only occur in your story, but that pull the story along.