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15 Ridiculous Rejections of Classic Authors & Books

via Pushcart Press

Even the most beloved and celebrated authors can’t please everyone. Pushcart Press, one of America’s most influential publishing houses, took the liberty of assembling some of the nastiest, yet articulate reviews, rejections and otherwise unpleasant remarks made about some of the most widely-read authors and literature.  You can buy the full collection here.

For whatever reason, insults such as “husband-hunting butterfly” and “tragic-comic bubble and squeak” didn’t catch on, but that doesn’t mean we can’t delight in them once in awhile.

Buzzfeed has done us the favour of selecting some of the most scathing sentiments directed at authors such as D.H. Lawrence,  Emily Bronte and even Shakespeare.  (Click the aforementioned authors to review their work on Sumbola.)

Enjoy the drama of Buzzfeed’s 15 Classics Authors Who Need To Be Taken To The Burn Unit.