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Amazon Source, Gaiman’s New Resume, and Contraversial Poetry

“It’s Not a Partnership”

No sparks seem to be flying between American indie  booksellers and the new Amazon Source program, according to Publisher’s Weekly.  The decision on Amazon’s behalf to allow indie bookshops to sell their Kindles, not only came as a surprise this Wednesday to all but two shops, but also was designed solely by the e-commerce giant.  While a few hundred bookstores have signed on to the arrangement, others remain disinterested and offended.

Neil Gaiman’s Busy Week

Neil Gaiman has accepted a five year position as a professor of the arts at Bard University in New York.  Gaiman announced on his twitter account,  I’ll be teaching a course in reading & writing fantasy at Bard in April #professorMe”.  More can be found on The Guardian online.

It has also been announced that the novelist and screen writer will be the author of the final short story in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary series.  Gaiman will be writing his story with the most recent doctor, Matt Smith’s character, in mind, and including a  new villian “The Kin”.  The short story will become available as an e-book at the end of November. The BBC has the full story.

Teen Poet Sparks Outrage in Denmark

An 18-year old poet named Yahya Hassan has received twenty seven death threats for reciting a poem critical of Islam on a Danish TV station. The controversial poet is determined to speak out despite the harsh reaction Hassan anticipated.  His self-titled book of poetry which was published this past October sold 32,000 copies over the course of two weeks.

The “Do Not Read” List

Jimmy Fallon shared Autumn edition of the “Do Not Read”List, a creepy and unsettling collection of books of questionable content.  While last nights version isn’t yet available for Canadian viewers, the Fallon’s  Summer “Do Not Read” list  is available to get you through your Friday.

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11 Poems of Seamus Heaney


Northern Ireland born poet, and winner of the Nobel literature prize in 1995, passed away in Dublin Hospital Friday morning.  Heaney spent the last 50 years of his life examining and exploring Ireland’s heritage, beauty and political turmoil.  Considered by many to be Ireland’s greatest poet since W.B  Yeats, Buzzfeed has assembled 11 videos of Seamus Heaney reading his Poems aloud.

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