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Hogwarts Is Here, And It’s The Most Magical Massive Open Online Course Ever.

Harry Potter Fans, being the wonderful but sightly intense creatures that they are, have done it again: they have found a new way to bring the magic a little closer to home.

A team of dedicated volunteers have designed and built a thoroughly imaginative and awesome MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course, which is, according to the website,

“…Thanks to the efforts and resources (plus a little magic) from the Wizard-Muggle Integration Movement, … entirely free.”

Excuse us for a moment while we regather our composure.

That moment you heard JK Rowling questioning Hermione and Ron’s romance.

Ok. We’ve got it.

This is the perfect nine-week course for all of us who lived vicariously in the hallways of Hogwarts and dreamed of receiving our own magical letter. It is ideal for all those have debated anything about the Harry Potter Universe, from the logistics of the Ministry of Magic to the plumbing of the magical world. It’s also fantastic for writers in general, as a lot of the course content is based upon creative (but serious) essay writing.

Alex Heinbach, writer for Slate and now a Ravenclaw student, enrolled for the course and wrote a little about it here, but if you’re already sold on the idea, you can go to Hogwarts is Here to sign up.

It’s really too much fun not to.


Are you already a course member? What house did you enroll in?  Are you chillin’ in Slytherin? Learnin’ stuff in Hufflepuff? Let us know in the comments, or go ahead and just tweet at us!