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Hashtags For Writers, Agents & Publishers


Are you an author looking for a literary agent or story inspiration?  Are you an agent looking to put your ideas out there?

If you’re either, you’re in luck.

This summer, agents, editors, publishers and readers have been using the #MSWL hashtag, tweeting for writers to answer their Manuscript Wish Lists. If you search #MSWL on twitter, you’ll find the most up-to-date and retweeted requests, constantly refreshing. Alternatively, you can visit the Agent And Editor Wish List, a dedicated tumblr to the best of the best MSWL tweets, created by writer KK Hendin (you can visit her blog here).  The next big MSWL event will be September 24th, but go ahead, check it out in the meantime!

Other notable hashtags for writers include:

Do you search Twitter for inspiration and discoveries? What other writer hashtags do you use? Comment below or tweet them to us @SumbolaCoSI.