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The Weather Composer: Rise of the Madhi, by James Mahu



James Mahu is described as a visionary and a multidimensional storyteller. His focus is consistently on provoking awareness of spirituality and purpose, while stirring conversation on cosmology, mythology and extraterrestrial life. On top of a dozen papers and about a hundred musical compositions, Mahu is the author of five books. The Weather Composer: Rise of the Madhi, is the first in a new fictional series set in earth’s future.


Twelve years after Sunrot, a global disaster that devastated the earth’s populations, Terran, a young boy in Iran becomes identified as being in possession of a very special intelligence- an IQ that is literally off the charts.

The new world leaders, aiming to rebuild the earth’s pre-Sunrot technologies sends a team of specialists to bring him to the United States to study. However, they soon discover that they are not alone in wanting possession of the child. The Baluchian tribe that Terran was born into believes that he is the Mahdi, as described in their ancient prophesies. They believe he is destined to unite all religions under Islam. Terran also believes he has a mission: to prevent the devastation of another Sunrot. He believes he can find a way to control the weather.

Faced with his own visions, the expectations of the world leaders, and leaving his tribe that is desperate to keep him, who will ultimately control the intelligence and the destiny of Terran? If he is truly the Madhi, what choice does he have?


“Breathtaking… as all writings by James Mahu are. You meet absolutely impressive and bright characters along the storyline and again, the deepest insights into the purpose of human life and the reality of the human sole strike you at the core of your being. Heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to read this book!”


“…I came away with an appreciation that every moment, every detail is important, and when you follow your heart without fear as Terran does, you may be able to instigate amazing transformation. The danger was beyond my comfort level by it magnified, for me, that what Terran initiated was driven by his greater Presence and Love… not fear. Looking forward to the next book. Thank you, James.”


“Here we have another story about the prophecy and fulfillment of a future event and conflict of opposing forces that want to shape the person of that prophecy into their own liking. …These books are not just whimsical stories meant to entertain our minds but are true masterpieces meant to inspire us to become the Sovereigns of our own souls.”



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