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Just Jake, Ron Burgundy and a Price War

Amazon’s Battle with Overstock Continues

Popular e-commerce site Overstock went after Amazon last month, discounting their books 10% lower than Amazon’s prices.  Determined not to be undersold, Amazon went on to discount some of their best sellers by as much as 64%.  Described by Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, the discount was created to reward loyal customers “without adding undue pricing pressure on independent bookstores”. It is unclear how the e-commerce giants intend not to harm independent bookstore sales, as even Barnes & Noble, Wal-mart and Target are sitting this battle out.  For the original story available on Publisher’s Weekly, click here.  For Monday’s update: click here.

Thirteen Year Old Offer Signed to Penguin’s Grosset & Dunlap

Thirteen year old Jake Marcionette has topped off a year of school, lacrosse, and annoying his older sister by being signed to Penguin’s Grosset & Dunlap group.  Just Jake, the story of sixth-grader Jake Ali Mathews, offers an authentic and humorous voice on the excitement and troubles of being a kid. President and Publisher of Grosset & Dunlap, Francesco Sedita  said he was “blown away” upon learning that Jake Marcionette was only 12 years old when he wrote Just Jake.  Now in seventh grade, Marcionette’s first novel in two book deal with an option for more will be published February 2014.  See the full story here on CBC Books.

Ron Burgundy’s Autobiography: “I cried like a baby, and you can take that to the bank”

Looking for a glimpse into the life of Will Ferrell’s alter ego?  Look no further than Ron Burgundy’s autobiography, Let Me Off At The Top!: My Classy Life And Other Musings. Burgundy shied away from proclaiming it the world’s greatest autobiography stating that he’s “too close to the work”.  You can find the story here on Independent.ie- the book will hit shelves both physical and digital November 2013.