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Transmedia: Adding Video

credit: popturfdotcom
credit: popturfdotcom

Why connect video to my book?

Adding video to your Sumbola publications can have many benefits including:

  • Increase findability.   Videos are easily shared, and when well constructed, can capture the attention of most users quicker than a written, image-less synopsis.
  • Paint a mental picture.  There’s no substitute for the story itself, but you can enhance your written content with a short film, footage, or a trailer that gives readers a glimpse of how the story looks to you.
  • Add background information.  If your book  was research intensive or touches on complex subject matter, a video can give valuable context.
  • Add intrigue and excitement.  How do you decide whether you want to watch a movie?   Among other reasons: a good trailer.

Do we have you hooked? If so, here are four practical ways to add video to your story:

  • Develop a trailer for suspense or drama filled books.  It can be action packed, hilarious, include review tag lines, book launch date, etc.  Go ahead and watch some trailers for ideas.
  • Add interviews.  They can be interviews held as part of your research, interviews with your book as the focus, or entirely made up interviews with one on your characters.  Whatever you think will spark the interest of your readers is fair game.
  • Use animation. Short cartoons are a great addition not only for children’s books, but can compliment a story for any ages when done properly.
  • If there is a particularly compelling passage that you connect with, post a video of you reading it.

Helpful Hints

  • Even if your book is knee-slapping hilarious, take your videos as seriously as you take your writing.  Make it look professional.
  • Reach out to the talent on Sumbola.  More than just a platform for writers, its a communtity for writers, readers, illustrators, editors, agents, publishers, etc.  There are so many people at your fingertips that can help you produce engaging and complementary videos.
  • If your using someone else’s video content, know the rules .  Know if there is copyright, ask permission to use it, and give credit where credit is due.



Margaret Atwood, September 26th On The Strombo Show

Monday afternoon, the stage was set and audience assembled for an interview with Margaret Atwood on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show.  The discussion between the candid, charming host and acclaimed author may have been already been recorded but it is well worth catching  this Thursday night, (September 26th at 7pm ET). Although we cannot guarantee what specific content will appear on the evening show, here are some of the highlights from the full interview:

  • While Atwood expressed that she has never published books under a pseudonym, she admitted to critiquing her books in several papers, under the guise of an alias.  One particularly harsh review provoked such outrage from readers that numerous letters to the editor were written in her defence.
  • Widely known for her environmental activism, Atwood declined to discount the value of city life altogether.  One reason she cited in favour of the metropolitan was that city bees are actually healthier in urban and suburban areas than they currently are in agricultural areas due to the heavy use of pesticides.
  • Despite the changes in the publishing world  since the mid 1960′s, the seasoned writer addressed the consistent”girlification” of book covers with female authors.  Drawing attention to author Maureen Johnson’s Coverflip challenge, she commented on how even her own books have been subject to gender specific cover suggestions, which not only target a specific group of readers, alienating another, there lies the potential for “misrepresentation of the contents”.


Do you have a favourite interview moment with Margaret Atwood?  Comment below, or tweet us @sumbolacosi.