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BREAKING NEWS: Articles Now Available

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Big and wonderful news everyone: Our tremendous and tireless technical team has added a brand new feature to Sumbola for writers and readers alike!  Now, Sumbola members can write and submit articles directly on to the site for others to browse through, read, comment and vote on.  It’s a big step in our efforts to allow you to self publish, and we can’t wait for you to test it out.

One of the biggest reasons we’re excited to launch our Sumbola Articles is that it gives a platform to both the casual and the consistent writer. If you maintain a blog elsewhere on the web with regular content, you’re free to copy and paste your own essays and articles from your site, exposing your work to a different viewing pool.  If you lack the time or desire to maintain your own blog to begin with, this is a great tool for you as well! You can post as frequently as you like, and your content can vary as much as you please.

An additional tool we’ve added to our Articles is the ability to attribute blog posts to content that is not your own.  This is a great way to share other perspectives and will link back to the original author or publisher’s site.  While it’s great in many ways, we do advise caution in what you link to: may sites will have strict rules about sharing their work even with attribution, and if not, it’s always polite to ask permission anyways.

If you have content that you’re ready to share, feel free to jump on in and start sharing- we would be delighted!  That being said, please check out and adhere to the Sumbola Terms of Service to know what types of content and activity is prohibited as well as our policy on copyrights.

While this is a big jump for us in terms in what we have offered so far, we are still looking to make this feature (and Sumbola as a whole) the very best it can be!  If you have ideas for new categories, we want to hear them! If something isn’t quite working for you, we want to fix it! Feel free to submit any and all feed back to us by commenting below, reaching us by our support email (support@sumbola.zendesk.com) or visiting our support desk!

Ready to start?  Great! Hop on over to Sumbola’s Articles Section to add your voice.

In related and also awesome news for all writers with books ready for publishing: we’re just about ready for you, so stay tuned for updates!

Surveys: Gathering Reader Feedback

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Who Indeed.

Why add surveys to my book?  Surveys are a heavily relied upon way of gathering feedback in just about every industry.  By adding a survey to your book, you can garnish reader specific data such as:

  • What your readers love (or love the least) about your publication.
  • What your readers pay most attention to in your writing, or what they’re missing out on.
  • What your readers are interested in gaining from reading your work(s), be it specific character development, political understanding, a history of the Knights of the Templar, etc.


  • If you’re writing a novel, you can reach out to readers at the end of your story to see what they enjoyed or related to, what surprised them, etc.
  • You can add survey’s between chapters to gain an understanding of your reader’s thought process during the novel.
  • If you’re writing a series, you can ask questions about what the readers would like to know more about, or see happen next.
  • If you’re writing a non-fiction creation, you can consider asking between chapters questions that recap the information given.

Little Reminders:

  • Keep your questions clear and concise.  Confusing your readers with leading or double barrelled questions could mean a shortage of accurate responses.
  • Read between the lines.  Not only is the most commonly picked answer worth considering, but so is the least selected option.