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‘Tis the Season: 5 Ways to Give Back to the Book World

credit: Paper Cat

Happy Hanukkah, and happy Thanksgiving to our US friends.

For many of us, this weekend means  celebrations with friends and family, marking the beginning of the holiday season. The hustle and bustle of winter is upon us.

The to-do lists are piling up.  There are turkeys to cook, presents to buy, friends to see, cards to sign, holiday parties, decorating, gift-wrapping, snow shovelling… and you really can’t skip out on your favourite seasonal movies marathon (Home Alone, anyone?).

There is a lot to do this time of year, no matter what you’re celebrating… how on earth are you to make time for a little literature appreciation, you may ask?  Fear not, fellow bookworm.  Here are 5 easy and inexpensive ways to give a little nod to your favourite readers and  writers:

1.  Shop indie.

While online book buying has its allure (pyjamas sans showering!), a visit to a few of your local bookstores is a little more special.  Whether it’s a friendly conversation with the shop owner, a treasure in the bookshelves, or that latte you were able to treat yourself to, you’ve made your day a little brighter than it would have been otherwise.  Plus, you’ve supported local business.  Good job!

2.  Share some Twitter love.

Give a little shout out to your favourite authors this season.  Mention them with your appreciation, link to their website, or let your followers know where they can find their books!  Isn’t it great when people say nice things on Twitter?  Total cost is two minutes and one hundred and forty characters (or less).

3.  Participate in a book drive.

If you’re overstocked on kid’s books, classics, cookbooks or contemporaries, you’re in luck: you can donate them to a community in need!  Whether your books are destined for your local library, high school or across the world, all you have to do is ensure that the condition and content meets  the needs of the drive.  Easy as pie.

4.  Host a book swap.

Some of us may leap at this idea with excitement: it’s another opportunity to get together with friends and food!  Yes!  Alas, some of us really don’t need to add another social event to an already packed calendar.  If you fall  into the second group but are loving this idea, why not combine it with an already planned party?  Instead of a Secret Santa, ask your guests to a bring a book, or box of books for fellow party goers to trade or lend to each other.  This is a great option if some of your books look a little too loved to donate.

5.  Start a tradition.  

Make a little time to share the love of reading with someone else, amidst the craziness of the season.  If you have little humans that call you things like mom, or dad, why not choose a favourite story to read every year?  That story, not matter how silly it seems with hold memories of every Christmas, Hanukkah, December 10th, etc.

No little ones adding to your Christmas to-dos?  That works too!  Curl up with your favourite book, yuletide beverage and read to your heart’s content!  How is this giving back you ask?  It’s keeping the reading spirit alive and well.  Excellent job.

How do you celebrate reading over the holidays?  Let us know by tweeting us @sumbolacosi, #booklove.

5 Amazing Ways To Make Books Look Even Better

Cheers to all those book-loving creative spirits, working around the clock, raising the bar when it comes to literary style.  Here are five ways you can spruce up your look with your book love:

1.  Clever Character Costumes

thanksforallthefishYou’ve been a pumpkin three years in a row: it’s time to change it up.  The Philadelphia publishing house Quirk Books has four simple Halloween costumes you can opt for.

How simple are they?  Grab your bath robe, snag a clean towel pick up/make up a copy of DON’T PANIC and BAM!  You’re Arthur Dent of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

(If you’re feeling really inspired, make it a cute couple costume with your other half dressed as a dolphin.)

2.  Tattoo You


Yes, it’s a commitment, but a commitment to literature.  Doesn’t that seem worth it? Tattoolit is a Tumblr page dedicated to tattoos inspired by books.  If none of these quite suite you, rack your brain and flip through your favourite novels for the line or character that has stolen your heart.


3.  Accessorize.

For all your phone case, coffee cup and wall art needs, look no further than The Literary Gift Company.  A great way to add a little decor to your abode or belongs to say, “Why yes, I do love Jane Austen.

4.  Get Your Bling On.

On Etsy, you can be sure you’ll find a plethora of rings, cufflinks, bracelets and necklaces inspired by words on a page.  A ring such as this beauty to the left is a perfect fit for any Lord of the Rings lover, designed by Little Gem Girl.

Additionally, book jewelry is less of a commitment than a literary tattoo.


5.  Book Bags.

Book bags- a personal favourite- are an easy do it yourself project.  A blank canvas bag
with a clever quote of character silhouette, and you’ve got your self a bookish book bag.  One word:  Pinterest.  Find your inspiration for an easy-peasy DIY  book bag there.

If you’re short on time but high on book love, never fear:  Etsy will have you covered here as well- check out The Book Fiend shop for great bags like this red one.


Whats your favourite way to wear your love of books?  Tell us in the comments or tweet us!

10 Ways to add Literature to Your Life

If you’re moving in the direction of digital books, you might be missing the feel of a paperback between your fingers or the weight of a hard cover in your hands.  Fear not; here are 10 easy ways to keep the physical written word in your life (besides buying more physical books).

source: imgur.com

1.   Creative Bookshelves

This one might seem obvious, but there’s a difference between cataloging your novels like a high school library, and displaying them with some charm and style. Design Sponge has put together a brief list of tips on Styling a Bookshelf to get you started.

2.   Wall Art

source: Bookishly

Is there a quote that struck you in Pride and Prejudice?  hang it on a wall.  You could pick up a blank canvas and do it yourself, or you can let Bookishly do the work for you.  Bookishly takes favourite and loveable quotes from novels, plays and other works and places them on a blown up page from a book. You can buy their prints on Notonthehighstreet.com

3.   Name Cats After Authors

If this one sounds crazy to you… well, it shouldn’t.  Names like “Whiskers”and “Fluffy”just aren’t for everyone, and who doesn’t see the humor in telling Oscar Wilde to get off the table?  If you’re still not convinced, try telling Dickens and Chaucer that there names are are funny. Go on.

Dickens and Chaucer
source: couch in livingroom

4.   Cooking with Hemingway

Are you a fan of both fiction and food?  In search of the perfect hamburger?  Apparently, so was Hemingway. According to the Paris Review, the author of classics such as A Moveable Feast was meticulous about his hamburger recipe- you can find his recipe here.  Now you know what you’re doing for dinner.

5.   Make a Book Purse

Craft lovers and DIYers, this project is for you.  Create your own book purse out of a hard cover novel and some matching fabric. We know, we know… Cutting up books is nothing to take lightly. But we all know that there’s a book somewhere on your bookshelf that you won’t ever read again  You may have a virtual copy of it already on Sumbola anyways!  Give it new life as a fashionable accessory any reader or writer would fancy. You can find the project instructions on Curbly.com

source: curbly.com
source: curbly.com

6.   Wear It on Your Sleeve

If ever you’re unsure what to wear, you can’t go wrong with lit-inspired clothing.  If anything, a dress that doubles as a map of Middle Earth is sure to be a conversation starter.  You can check out Flavourwire’s Literary Fashion for more inspiration. If a temporary outfit isn’t your style, refer to number seven.

7.  Tattoo You

If your thinking about ink, think twice about that dolphin in a heart or barbed wire, and reconsider your favourite literary reference.   Buzzfeed has 50 Literary Tattoos for you to consider, ranging from Little Prince homages to Gatsby Glasses.

source: makingmecranky.com

8.  Character Cocktails

Drinks inspired by characters and authors alike are a great way to get creative with your next get together.  You can, of course, create your own or go to the internet for tested and true recipes, such as Little Pink Blog’s Harry Potter Themed Cocktails.

9.  Stare at Your Stairs

source: favim

Instead using a runner to accent your stairs, you can paint  them to look like the spines of your favourite novels.  Inspiration on this home decor idea comes to us from the BookRiot’s Awesome Bookish Staircases.

10.   Fall in Love, Get Married

This one might take some major commitment, but why not celebrate your love of another human being with your love of literature?  Retreat By Random House has some of the sweetest, clever ways to add books to your wedding theme.