Surveys: Gathering Reader Feedback

boss survey
Who Indeed.

Why add surveys to my book?  Surveys are a heavily relied upon way of gathering feedback in just about every industry.  By adding a survey to your book, you can garnish reader specific data such as:

  • What your readers love (or love the least) about your publication.
  • What your readers pay most attention to in your writing, or what they’re missing out on.
  • What your readers are interested in gaining from reading your work(s), be it specific character development, political understanding, a history of the Knights of the Templar, etc.


  • If you’re writing a novel, you can reach out to readers at the end of your story to see what they enjoyed or related to, what surprised them, etc.
  • You can add survey’s between chapters to gain an understanding of your reader’s thought process during the novel.
  • If you’re writing a series, you can ask questions about what the readers would like to know more about, or see happen next.
  • If you’re writing a non-fiction creation, you can consider asking between chapters questions that recap the information given.

Little Reminders:

  • Keep your questions clear and concise.  Confusing your readers with leading or double barrelled questions could mean a shortage of accurate responses.
  • Read between the lines.  Not only is the most commonly picked answer worth considering, but so is the least selected option.

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