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August 12, 2013: Occupy Amazon, Ron Swanson & The Mobile Library

American Booksellers Association Takes a Stand Against Amazon

Owen Teicher, the CEO of the American Booksellers Association penned a proposal to its members on Saturday, asking everyone to take a stand, publicizing the business practices of Amazon that are hurting the country.  The full letter and listed evidence can be found on by clicking here.

Despite a number one ranking among several demographics, as well as President Barack Obama’s speech championing the corporation, studies, reports, and closer examinations are revealing the darker side of the e-commerce giant.

Owen Teicher has presented his case against the corporation with evidence, arguing that retailer’s experience with Amazon is not what it should be.  He believes booksellers have a large role to play in changing that.

Apple Denied Stay of Proceedings, Deferral of  DoJ Proposal

Friday afternoon, Apple was denied a stay by the court that would halt all proceedings pending their appeal of the price-fixing scandal.  Their proposed schedule for damages was also denied by Judge Cote, stating that Apple has had over a year to gather evidence and expert analysis, “The defences are either there, or they’re not”.

The court also chose to defer the proposal of remedies issued by the Department of Justice, asking both sides to attempt to come closer to an agreement, confirming that an injunction would indeed be made.  While expressing her concern about a lack of repentance from Apple as well as the involved publishers, Judge Cote stressed her desire to not allow a lengthy injunction to inhibit future innovations. Click here to see the full story issued by Publisher’s weekly.

Wendell Berry awarded Literary Lifetime Achievement Award

This year’s Dayton Literary Peace Prize’s lifetime achievement award winner was announced this morning to be activist, author, poet and essayist, Wendell Berry.  Kentucky-based, he is the author of such works as: Hannah Coulter, That Distant Land, and The Mad Farmer Poems.

No stranger to prestigious recognition, Berry was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2011 by President Barack Obama.  His writings contain themes of the decline of rural living, post- depression and World War II, and a history of being “violent in our use of land”.  For Huffington Post’s full article, click here.

Nick Offerman’s Summer reading Summary

Last week on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, the notable wood-worker, and even more notable actor, Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation) extended his assistance to students who have yet to complete their summer reading.

He delighted the audience with his brief descriptions of famous literature such as: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Hamlet, and Moby Dick.  You can watch the full clip of Offerman’s Summer Reading Recap here.  Like the sound of these classics?  You can find them free in the Sumbola Bookstore.

Books on Bikes: Seattle’s Library Goes Mobile

Aiming to keep the library alive it the community, Seattle Library’s Books on Bikes program is bringing the library services to popular community events around the city.  Less convenient than transporting books by car- librarian Jared Mills was looking to appeal to the bike culture as well.

While online reading platform’s like Sumbola offer convenience and an active online community, an involved and responsive library in any community is something we can all celebrate.  For the full story available on NPR, click here, or visit the Books on Bike’s webpage found here.

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