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Mary Shelley’s Missing Letters, Barnes & Noble’s Newest Woes, and Jimmy Fallon’s Latest Book List

Barnes & Noble News

Big news comes from Barnes & Noble as they have appointed their newest CEO, William Lynch.  He comes to the company just as news falls of another plunge in retail, and of course, Nook sales.

Frankenstein’s Author’s Found Correspondence

150 years after being written, the missing letters of Mary Shelley have been accidentally discovered. The letters, which seemed so lost no one was even looking for them anymore, were written to her friends Horace Smith and his daughter Eliza, between 1831 and 1849.

Cormac McCarthy’s Gun-Slinging Ex-Wife

A very strange story has surfaced this week of author Cormac McCarthy’s ex wife, who was arrested after pulling a gun from her genitals during an argument with her boyfriend over space aliens.  Understandably, the article begs more  questions than it answers.

Love for Famous Love Quotes

Moving on, BuzzFeed is making it easy to feel good about people again with 13 quotes from famous authors about falling in love.

Adolf Hitler’s Book is an Amazon Hit

Don’t feel too good about people though, because Mein Kampf has become an online best seller in Amazon’s online UK store, according to Chris Faraone on  Speculation by Faraone suggests that the privacy of e-reading has allowed people to give in to curiosity, but the question left unanswered by the article is the ethical responsibility of those profiting from the notorious book’s sales.

The “Do-Not-Read” List

In lighter news, there are some great books out there, and all too obviously there are… the not so great books. Jimmy Fallon is looking out for you with his latest “Do Not Read” list, available here.


Happy weekend reading, everyone!

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