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Empathy, Courage and Guilty Librarians

This week in the news….

This years Nobel Prize for Literature went to none other than the renowned short story writer, Alice Munro.  She is the first Canadian recipient ever for the prestigious literary award. You can read more about it here.

Literary fiction makes you more empathetic and perceptive, studies find, according to Publishing Perspectives.  Those who read it are more likely to determine the facial expressions of those around them.  If they are reading in public, they should be able to determine if the stranger beside them approves of their high brow novel, or is considering them pretentious.

20th Century Fox gets serious with Boom Comics.  The pair have arranged an innovative first look deal which would allow Fox the first opportunity in vetting any Boom comics for film development.  You can read more about it here on Publisher’s Weekly.

The PEN Pinter Prize has been awarded to international journalist, Iryna Khalip as this year’s “writer of courage”, the guardian reports. Khalip is a Belarusian writer, reporter and activist.  She has faced harassment, beatings, and detainment for her criticism of Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko.  You can read more about her work documented by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

In lighter news, Librarians aren’t perfect.  Check out the Tumblr Librarian Shaming  for reasons to gasp and “tut-tut”.

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