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Butterbeer, Jeter’s Book Love and the Triumph of Google Books

Google Books Takes the Win.

More than eight years of litigation and a decision has finally been made:  Judge Chin has ruled in favour of Google Books and the Library book scanning project, to the dismay of the Authors Guild.  Chin dismissed the Guild’s lawsuit, believing not only that the scanning project “enhances the sales of books to the benefit of copyright holders” but further asserting that Google Books “advances the progress of the arts and sciences”.  The American Library Association is celebrating along side Google, praising the advancement to research and learning.

JK Rowling: No Plans to Top Harry Potter

This week, JK Rowling admitted in an interview that her Harry Potter series was the pinnacle of her success.  Although she will continue to write out of a love for writing, she shared that she had no interest in trying to prove herself as a novelist to anyone.    The Telegraph went on to discuss how the liberating the financial success of her magical series has been, allowing her to pursue other passions such as her children’s charity, Lumos.

Starbucks and Their Not So Secret Butterbeer

In other Harry Potter news, excitement broke out earlier this week at the mention of an unofficial “butterbeer” drink available at Starbucks.  Based off of a beverage enjoyed by Harry and his friends in the series, the novelty frappuccino has been met with enthusiasm, as well as disappointment at its potent sweetness.  Perhaps it’s something just not meant for us muggles.

NSA Making Writer’s Wary

A survey published by PEN America has indicated that writers are more worried than ever before about their privacy rights and freedom of the press, and have actively started to self-censor themselves.  While it isn’t suprising to hear that 85% of writers are concerned about the levels of government surveillance, more startling findings have taken root: of the PEN members surveyed, “24% have deliberately avoided certain topics in phone or email conversations, and another 9% have seriously considered it”.

Derek Jeter to Start Publishing Imprint

It’s a whole new ballpark for the NY Yankee’s shortstop, Derek Jeter: he wants to get into the publishing business.  Partnering with Simon & Schuster, Jeter Publishing is set to start releasing books in 2014, focusing on children’s books, middle-grade fiction and non fiction for adults.

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