A Literary Balancing Act

readingwritingfinalSeptember 9th, Dr. Marion Blank published an article in the Huffington Post entitled Reading Needs Writing: A Vital, But Neglected Message.  Her message was to convey the importance of instilling healthy writing habits in children and youth to help them benefit most from literacy.

Dr. Blank Argues that literacy is two-fold; made up of a balance between reading and writing.  Both in school and at home however, reading is prioritized, despite increasingly prevalent demand for quality writing as a child  moves on to higher grades, post secondary education and the job market.  She explains in her article:

“[W]hen children are having trouble reading, parents eagerly seek help. With writing problems, that is rarely the case.”

In her article, Dr. Blank primarily focuses on the physical act of writing and that itself is the basis for developing the ability to compose organized thoughts, as well as enhancing reading comprehension.  As readers and writers, was there an emphasis on physical writing during childhood that you found helpful? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @SumbolaCoSI.

Dr. Marion Blank is a developmental physiologist specializing in language and learning, with more than forty years experience learning how children learn.  You can find out more about her work on her website.

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