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A Generous Comic, a Paradigm Comic, and a Digital Approach

New Paradigm Studio’s Fresh Take on the Famous Detective and Doctor

Comic Publisher, New Paradigm Studios, is telling new stories of the famous Sherlock and Dr Watson from a new angle: Watson and Holmes, an African-American doctor-detective duo set in Harlem, New York.   The goal of revitalizing the stories of the legendary detective has come with another twist:  the stories will focus on Watson, a tall and muscular former combat medic, and now emergency room intern.

Jason Segal Will Play the Lead in David Foster Wallace Biopic

The late author David Foster Wallace will be played by Jason Segal in the forth coming film, The End of the Tour.  The  movie is based on Rolling Stone journalist’s David Lipski’s book,  Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace  The story is an account of conversations with Foster Wallace during his book tour for Infinite Jest.  David Foster Wallace became one of America’s most celebrated modern authors before committing suicide in 2008.

Norway Goes Digital

Norway has been in the process of digitizing all of their books since 2006,  upping the ante for the rest of the world:  all public works will be digitized and available for free to Norwegians through the library, with the project expected to be finished 15 to 20 years from now.  While the National Library of Norway intends to maintain their physical collection of material, the purpose of a complete digital collection is to act as a “national memory bank”.

Archie Gives Back

The famous comic featuring Archie Andrews, the lovable, love-crazed and clumsy teen, has donated over $1 million worth of children’s books to the charity Toys for Tots.  A new initiative called the Archie’s Give-A-Book program has been launched, and the comic creators are encouraging fans to get in to the gift of giving and holiday spirit with them.

Don’t Count the Library Out!

According to a new PEW Survey, 90% of Americans believe that “the closing of their local public library would have an impact on their community“, despite only 54% of Americans actually using one in the past year.

Canada has also made significant discoveries related to Library use:  the first Canadian study to measure the Toronto Public Library’s economic impact has been conducted and the results are in:  For every dollar invested in Toronto Public Library, Torontonians receive $5.63 of value.

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