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A BN Baby, A Microwave Cookbook, and an Appeal to Boycotters

Bookish Baby News

Early this week, a pregnant book shopper in a Los Angeles’ Barnes and Noble gave birth amidst the bookshelves.  According to USA Today, fire fighters arrived on scene and helped to deliver a healthy baby boy, after establishing that time had run out to make it to the hospital.

Apple Not Loving the Numbers

The potential damages of Apple’s price fixing scandal could cost the company more than originally anticipated, Publisher’s Weekly, reports.  Apple attorneys are lamenting that the $307m damages estimate made by Stanford economist Roger Noll, upset that it is more than 40% higher  than the original $218.9m estimate the plaintiffs stated in July.

Iran Plans to Ease Censorship 

Thursday morning, The Guardian shared news that Iran could be expanding the list of titles available under the new president, Hassan Rouhani.  Books that were previously banned by former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from being stocked or published will be reevaluated, and new decisions will be made.

Ja Rule Wants to Write A  Microwave Cookbook

The hit rap artist, Ja Rule has expressed his interest in turning his microwave cooking skills (as learned during his recent jail experience) into a cookbook, for everyone to enjoy.  The National Post goes on to share how he would join the ranks of other rap artists with a love for the culinary world, Coolio and 2Chainz who have already released their own cookbooks.

The Ender’s Game:  To Boycott or to Embrace?

Earlier this summer when news broke of Ender’s Game author’s anti-gay stance, activist group Geeks Out called for boycotting the book based movie being released next Friday.  While Orson Scott Card’s homophobic history and his article comparing Obama to Hitler have deterred some potential movie-goers, there are some voices asking for the boycott to be called off, including attorney, writer and HuffPost columnist, Emma Ruby-Sachs, and the award-winning writer/LGBT campaigner Dustin Lance Black  (of Milk).

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